An Australian pastime

I’ve been staying with a friend for the past couple of days just outside Sydney CBD. They’ve been doing a sterling job showing me the hot-spots of Australia’s largest city, especially the culinary delights it has to offer.

I’ve eaten some fantastic seafood in Sydney harbour, gorged on Thai and stuffed myself stupid on some of the nicest sushi ever at a local Japanese restaurant.

But after a somewhat heavy evening bopping to Mr Saxamophone, watching a humbug dance and talking tomato-growing with the Dutch at a swanky waterfront bar, we didn’t feel quite up to venturing far for food today. Instead we decided to do something something¬† sterotypically Australian: we lit a barbie.

Going for the full Aussie effect, we even threw some shrimps on there. Having never cooked them before, we we’re slightly scared we had inadvertantly poisoned ourselves. Still, at least I knew how to peel them properly this time.

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3 Responses to “An Australian pastime”

  1. Simon

    That’s an outdoor frying pan, charcoal or be gone.

  2. Rob

    Unless you were watching the cricket you didn’t get the full effect

  3. Caroline Stocks

    I can live without experiencing the ‘full effect’ then thanks…