Radio baa baa

Back home whenever BBC reporter Robert Peston comes on the radio I have to switch him straight off.

I’ve always thought he was putting on a ridiculous voice as there was no way anyone could really speak with such a daft tone or drawl, or without any concept of where commas and full stops should be in sentences.

Turns out they can. And I’m one of the people who can manage it.

We stopped off at a sheep sale this morning so Brad’s livestock agent, Rob, could check out some lambs for another client.

Australia’s sheep flock is at it’s lowest for over a century as the drought has forced people out of production, but with those conditions well and truly reversed this year, people are thinking about restocking to take advantage of the feed and silage available.

As a result, Lamb prices are going crazy at the moment after years of them fetching a pittance – average prices are about $150/head, while I’ve read some reports of lambs fetching as much as $300.

Anyway, having no interest in sheepsies, Brad arranged for Warwick, a local ABC radio reporter chum, to come down to the sale to have a chat with us. Apparently regardless of the nonsense I can spout, people “like hearing an accent” so Warwick thought I’d be a good person to interview.

Warwick and Brad
Hmm, right. Conscious of how much of a pain it is to edit out, I tried my best not to say ‘erm’ too many times. As a result, I filled the gaps where I would usually say ‘erm’ by elongating my words in a Peston-esque way.

Warwick is nooooooooooow. The (probably not so) proud ownerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Of  a ten-minute interview. Of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waffling about international farming. In a way. That soooooooooooooooounds like. This.

I’m sticking to writing from now on.

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