Roos in the wheat field

Is a Van Gough title-reference a bit too high-brow for here? Probably, but what the heck.

Brad, his wife Jan and my two new best friends, Claire and Ally, seem to live in a nature reserve.

Being in Australia has turned me into a bit of an ornithologist, as the wild bird populations are so ridiculously pretty. Staying on Brad’s farm has given me the chance to spot hundreds of the things, but he can go several better in terms of the Aussie wildlife he can show off.

As well as a family of emus, just look what hang out in his wheat fields:

Roo in wheat
It’s not just Brad’s farm which is rife with wildlife either. After today’s auction and a stop-off for a hair pie, we drove to a nature
reserve called Ulupna Island, which sits beside the Murray River.

With a smidgeon of assistance we managed to spot some sleepy koalas, as well as endangered trout cod and some less-savoury wriggly things.

Aussie wildlife

Even though we didn’t see an echnida, the inaugral Stillard Aussie Animal Tour would definitely get five-stars on Expedia. If you can guarantee that all stays come with a jewellery microwave, unlimited access to My Little Ponies, spectacular sunsets and Aingarth steaks for dinner I reckon you’ll be booked out all year-round.

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1 Response to “Roos in the wheat field”

  1. Scott

    Almost made me homesick, then I realised my home looks nothing like these parts of Australia. And I never plucked a pheasant in my bath tub in Brisbane. Nufsaid.