Driving miss crazy

Today I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do – drive around a Grand Prix track.

Given my (not so) natural ability for driving, it’s perhaps a surprising ambition to have held, but I had a great time driving around the road course here in Melbourne.

Albert Park, Melbourne
The fact I had to do it at 40km and accidentally ended up circling it three times because I couldn’t work out how to get back onto the main road didn’t even manage to detract from my enjoyment.

I left Brad and Jan’s this morning with the intention of returning my hire car and having a car-free weekend here in Melbourne.

My blind faith in the sat-nav to deliver me to my intended destination before the car hire place closed kinda put paid to that, so instead I’ve had a day driving around the city.

I went over to the botanical gardens and chillaxed in the sun, had a wander around the war memorial (goodness only knows where the Aztecs come in either of the World Wars, but apparently Aztec architecture is perfect for the commemoration of giant battles) and watched the sun go down at St Kilda.

I even attempted a scenic drive along the river, but I lost the route signposts within about 30 seconds and ended up circling the docks and an industrial estate for about an hour before I found my way back into the city.

I don’t think I’m ever going to reach F1 standards, but my driving’s definitely getting better. Just don’t ask me to reverse into parking spaces and we’ll get along just fine.

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