A thrilling slideshow night in the making

After complaining about not doing much exercise for the past few weeks, I certainly got my fair share today.

Day two of my Great Ocean Road road trip, and I made it from Apollo Bay to Port Campbell. It looks like a piddly little distance on the map, but hopping out of the car every two minutes to take a photo of the coast can soak up a lot of time.

Aside from the scenic coastal views, there are lots of footpaths to stop off at every few kilometres which either lead you through rainforest, through gullies or up through the trees to viewing platforms.

Scared that I might miss a good photo opportunity somewhere, I had to stop off at every place and spend a couple of hours each time hiking through the wilderness.

Great Ocean Road2
At one point in the Great Otway National Park I hadn’t seen anyone after three hours of walking and I was starting to wonder whether I’d taken a wrong-turn.

I’m not sure how the ememegency services would go about trying to spot an errant rambler in that kind of undergrowth, but I was imagining what they would say once they’d found out I’d entered the forest with just an apple and a Tim Tam as supplies.

Luckily I found my way back to the car and even made it to the Twelve Apostles in time for the sunset – thus justifying the extravagance of buying a wide-angle lens.

Twelve Apostles
Just pity the friends and family members who’ll have to sit through all these photos when I get home…

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