Havin’ a Wales of a time on the beach

Three days, 285km and 690 photographs later, I’ve finally made it to the end of the Great Ocean Road.

I had a long way to drive today so I tried to be really strict with myself and not stop at every signposted viewing area. Having said that, every time I drove past somewhere and then caught a glimpse of what I’d missed from the road, I ended up reversing back to take a photo.

In the end I had to turn off the GOR and onto the freeway to stop myself being tempted by any more touristy spots, but not before I made a last stop at the Yambuk river.

Yambuk Beach
I can’t believe this place isn’t mentioned in the guidebooks, as it was the most incredible beach I’ve ever been on (my photos really don’t do it justice). It probably helped that this was the first day in weeks that I haven’t seen grey clouds or rain, but I could have happily spent a few hours getting rid of my tan-lines there.

There wasn’t a single person for miles around either, which meant the wildlife obviously felt comfortable hangin’ out. I’m not sure what a few of the paw and footprints in the sand belonged to – I’m hoping Brad, my resident wildlife expert, can identify a few of them:


Anyway, after 11 hours of driving I’ve crossed into South Australia, lost half an hour in a weird timezone change and made it to a place called Keith, home to Nuffield scholar Nicola Raymond and her partner Ian.

Having spent so long in the company of Australians and Germans, it’s strange hearing a Welsh accent this far away from home, even more so seeing pictures of Pembrokeshire on the walls. The presence of Twinings tea bags is even more of a bonus.

I think Uncle Meurig would be impressed Wales is being so well represented on the other side of the world.

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