The yawning stretch to Adelaide

Despite being responsible for ‘one of the world’s two scariest driving experiences’, I’ve successfully navigated the roads of three states to find my way to Adelaide.

And while some of the route was little more than strips of mud/sand/rubble (a great combination, given the amount of rain I’ve driven through), I have to say driving in Australia’s fairly easy and enjoyable.

Most of the roads are very wide, as well as incredibly straight: the sat nav told me to ‘turn in 195km’ on several occasions.

Being very straight and flat, you’d think that it would get boring driving through scrub, farming country and bush for hours on end.

Thankfully, to spice things up and keep you on your toes, the Australian government has introduced the most changable speed-limit system known to man.

It’s also handily provided some motivational reading to break up the long stretches of open road, keep you entertained and keep your mind away from sleep, naps, and crawling under your duvet and snuggling down for the night.

Obviously, being a responsible driver, I couldn’t take photos to illustrate what I mean, so I’ve drawn a series of pictures which accurately depict my experience.

Australian driving
For the record, it turns out Australian lay-bys are pretty good spots for power naps…

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  1. Simon

    Love the cartoon!