A sign of things to come

If there’s one thing Australia knows how to do, it’s signposts.

Aside from the previously-mentioned helpful ones to keep you awake on the roads, there are dramatic signs warning you about the dangers of the general surroundings:

Australian signs 1
There are signs for stupid tourists:

Sign for stupid tourists
And signs for… well, I don’t know what kind of person would need instruction on this:

crazy toilet sign
There are also warnings against running into trouble with the local wildlife:

Danger signs
As well as signs about avoiding inadvertantly squishing the ones who don’t want to bite your arm off or pump you full of venom:

Australian animal signs

My very favouritist sign though has to be this one I spotted as I was about to catch the ferry back to Adelaide from Kangaroo Island today:

Penguin sign
I assume this was warning about the possibility of the island’s population of Little Penguins crossing the road rather than about the presence of chocolately biscwits…

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