Christmas shopping for cowgirls

The one good thing about being away from home at this time of year – aside from the freezing temperatures, the snow, the travel chaos and the fact my usual festive venue, Chez Ma and Pa Stocks, is slowly going mouldy thanks to a flood – is that I have avoided hours of Christmas shopping.

Not having anyone to trudge around the shops for over here makes a nice change, but it obviously means I haven’t got anyone doing any shopping for me in Australia either [cue sad violin music].

But before I have any of you sobbing and reaching for your tissues, you really don’t have to worry – I’ve been shopping for my own Christmas present today.

There’s nothing like a good pair of shoes to keep me happy:

New shoes
Who needs shark skin…

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1 Response to “Christmas shopping for cowgirls”

  1. Simon

    Roo suede shoes?