Well, that was different

It’s weird enough waking up to Christmas morning when your friends back home are in the midst of their drunken Christmas eve celebrations.

It’s even weirder to open the curtain to find Christmas morning is a balmy 27 degrees and the sun’s blazing in a completely blue sky.

But what totally threw me was the fact that it was business as usual on Bondi Beach.


The cafes were open. The restaurants and bars were open. The florist’s, bakers and news agents’ were open. Heck, even the McDonalds was open.

And they weren’t just selling stuff to us Christmas orphans – locals were out buying lattes, having not-so-festive toasted sandwiches for lunch and drinking beer on the sea-front before hopping down to the beach for some sunning and surfing.

The run-up to Christmas in Australia has been a massively understated affair, and today hasn’t really been any different. The fact it was so chilled-out and relaxed made it feel like any other Saturday rather than a special occasion, which was great for any impending feelings of homesickeryness.

Princess and me

Of course, it helped that I got to spend the day with my Nuffield partner-in-crime, Princess. It may have been make-shift, but there was no better way to get through so much champagne, rum and festive chocolate than with my fellow lobster. Hmmm, toasty legs… x

(PS – Santa obviously realised it was too hot to bring me a Christmas jumper, hence the t-shirt. Much better than a hungry caterpillar).

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