Boxing Day races

What could be better than spending your Boxing Day going to see the start of the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race?

Shame this was all we managed to see of it:

Unfortunately, Princess and I assumed the ships would set sail in the harbour, so didn’t bother to check the start’s actual location.

When they weren’t there, we set off on a racing speed-walk along Sydney’s coastline to hunt them down, not realising the coast’s made up of loads of meandering inlets.

After two hours of near-running in serious humidity we finally spotted the boats a couple of miles away, with no chance of getting closer before they’d whizzed off around the headland. The rubbishy photo above is thanks to a 48x zoom on my camera.

Still, Boxing Day wasn’t a total loss. We headed back to Darling Harbour for a few drinkies around the harbour and then got around to finally having a proper Christmas dinner:

Christmas dinner
Hmmm… Stupidly named chocolate

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2 Responses to “Boxing Day races”

  1. Simon

    In summary: Sail fail/Winner dinner.

  2. Caroline Stocks

    In a nutshell. I needn’t have bothered with the whole post ;)