Dear Pierre Cardin…

…your suitcases suck. Big time.

There’s nowt like being forced to drag what feels like a bag of rocks through a busy train station and then down busy pavements in blazing sunshine after the wheel on your case explodes.

It’s even better when you somehow manage to find yourself on cobbled streets you never knew existed, get what remained of your pathetic, broken suitcase wheel jammed in a hole, and then spend five minutes kicking and swearing at the thing until it finally comes loose.

It’s a shame about my afternoon annoyance as I’d had a nice morning out and about with Norm, checking out the edge of the Blue Mountains.

I had been sad I’d missed out on the range the first time I passed through New South Wales, so it was nice to get up into the hills for a breath of – exceptionally chilly – fresh air (pic by Norm).

Me looking cold

Before I left to get my train back to Sydney I had to make sure Norm was properly kitted-out in some rather nifty headwear.

Norm in FW hat
That’s the southern hemisphere promotional work done then.

A big thanks to Norm and Mrs Norm for a smashing 24 hours. I hope I wasn’t too scary and you eventually got over your nerves…

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