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You’ve had four hours sleep, a considerable amount of champagne has been drunk to see in the New Year and it’s over 30 degrees.

So what’s the best way to spend the first day of 2011?

That’s right – dancing in a field with about ten thousand excessively tattooed teenagers, your face squished up against your drunken neighbour’s revoltingly sweaty back.

After nearly three months of trying, I finally got to see some live music on foreign soils at Sydney’s Field Day festival.

And a pretty good festival it was too.

Marina and the Diamonds

Last time I saw Marina and the Diamonds was in a farmer’s field in Somerset in front of about 5000 people – about 4700 more than this time around.

And the last time I attempted to go and see Mystery Jets I inadvertently managed to buy tickets for We Are Scientists (don’t ask how, it was like the 18s-only gig ticket debacle all over again…).

Most memorable moment of the day has to go to the Klaxons though – I’ve never watched a band beneath a bat-filled sky before.

Field Day festival

For those of you who are narked this post has had nothing whatsoever to do with agriculture, can I direct you to Princess’ blog? She’s talking about soil and stuff over here in Australia, so you should be able to get your Antipodean farming fix that way.

Normal service will resume here shortly. In the meantime, rock on:

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