Getting wrecked in Fremantle

I’ve come to the conclusion my Western Australia travel guide should stick to his day job.

I hopped on a bus today and headed to the coastal town of Fremantle, which is just outside Perth. Despite being “just a harbour” (R.E-W, 2011), I managed to spend a nice Bank Holiday Monday in the town, enjoying the beach and the 30-degree+ sunshine (am I’m doing a good job of making you jealous, people back home?).


Surprisingly, given my talent for history, I hadn’t realised Western Australia had been discovered by the Dutch. DuringĀ  the 1600s loads of Dutch ships sailed from Indonesia to explore WA, and subsequently quite a few of them managed to get themselves mangled around the rocky coastline.

Freemantle’s martime museum is full of cargoes the Dutch were bringing over to trade, including bullion, pottery and bricks for building work.

Afraid of missing out on finding something exciting, the Portugese managed to start smashing up their boats on the coast some years later too, while a few of the people who actually made it to dry land decided to hang around to set up a fishing community.

With descriptions like these, I reckon I should give up on journalism and become a history teacher, or at the very least a Fremantle tour-guide. At least I wouldn’t describe it as ‘just a harbour’…

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6 Responses to “Getting wrecked in Fremantle”

  1. Simon

    Nice montage again, do you do them manually in photoshop or have you got an easy way? tips please.

  2. Caroline Stocks

    Can’t believe I’m giving away my secrets… I use Picassa, Google’s free picture editor. It’s not as good as Photoshop but it’s handy when I haven’t got time to faff about with the levels manually. Plus it’s got a nifty collage tool… :)

  3. Simon

    Thanks, I have Picasa but didn’t know you could do that. Picnik is also good for emergency fixes and adding text/moustaches. – free and no sign-up required.

  4. Simon

    Just remembered Picnik was bought out by Google so it’s now part of Picasa, ignore previous post!

  5. Simon

    That’s really handy, thanks – here’s my first effort:

  6. Organic duck

    Happy New Year Caroline. I’m enjoying your photos as well, some wonderful beaches and i am pleased that the sun is shinning in some. I had a go on picasa, not as good as yours but i shall practice on nice pictures of India, hopefully not toilets. Thanks for the tip!