Floody hell

I’ve mentioned the rain and floods several times over the past few weeks and months, but things have started to get scary over here in Australia.

This is Toowoomba, where I drove through in December:

Towoomba flood
Over the past couple of days, Toowoomba has received as much rainfall in an hour as many states get in the whole year. About 50 people have so far been reported missing in the region, 12 have died and millions of dollars’ worth of damage has been caused to buildings, roads and vehicles.

Towoomba flood 2
The latest lot of rain has fallen on already-saturated land, so the water is flowing over vast swathes of the Murray-Darling river basin without soaking in.

Towoomba flood 3
It’s having a disastrous effect on farms in the region too. Not only has the relatively thin top soil been washed away, but it’s caused untold damage to sugar cane and wheat. Latest estimates say losses to farmers in southern Queensland could be $500m. There are already reports of food running out and the price of what food does remain is apparently shooting through the roof.

Fingers crossed all my friends and the people I met in Queensland are managing to stay dry. Thinking of you all x

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