Jelly bum

When it comes to the sea, I’m a massive girly wimp.

Whichever ocean I’m in I freak out about the thought that – regardless of distance – somewhere in the water there are sharks. And jelly fish. And those hideous scary anglers with massive teeth.


Heck, I’m even scared of seaweed.

Which is why going in the shark and killer-jellyfish-infested waters of Western Australia (as so perfectly illustrated by the photo below) has been a bit of an issue.

Scary water
As I’ve swum in rivers which were probably home to a few crocs, I realise my sea-fear is a bit ridiculous.

So today I decided to pluck up the courage to venture into the water. I was sensible, mind you – assured of my safety my a certain person, I did a few panicky lengths of breast-stroke in the area netted-off to protect people from sharks and stinging jelly fish.

Having duped me about so many other things, I should’ve known better than to trust the claims that nothing can get through the stinger nets.

Because as I was leaving the water, I foolishy attempted to readjust my bikini to make sure I wasn’t going to give an entire beach-full of people a terrifying sight – and in the process I trapped a jellyfish against my backside.

By the time I’d freed the little monster and waddled back to the beach house, my left buttock was on fire and had gained an inch in size. It turns out I’m one of the lucky few who has a reaction to jelly-fish stings.

So that’s it for my sea-swimming career. From now on the closest I’m getting to the sea is through a packet of sea salt. At least now though I can say I’m being a girly wimp for a reason.

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1 Response to “Jelly bum”

  1. Sally May Mills

    The net isn’t for sharks, it is a meager attempt to keep out the stingers from the main swimming area. Sorry to hear you were lucky enough to have a close encounter. Most people react with welts and stinging if they hit your skin hard enough. If you brush them lightly, you might only have a small red mark, and you can push them away with your hands with no problem. However, if you jump off the jetty and land on one, the tentacles will most likely stick into the epidermis and really get you squeeling. They aren’t at all life threatening, just an annoying part of life in Busso.