The cast (and a thank you)

I’ve gone on about how great it’s been to visit my Nuffield friends, but special mention has to be made to the families who’ve not only put up with a random English girl turning up on their doorstep, but made me feel incredibly welcome.

Aside from giving up their beds, doing my washing, and cooking for me, they’ve been responsible for teaching me how to ride a quad bike, introducing me to hunstman spiders (thanks, Hugh and George), and teaching me how to dance like a ballerina.

The Nuffield kids
I’d like to think that by playing with New Holland tractors, reading with a British accent, dancing to Miley and being covered in My Little Ponies, that I’ve made lots of little friends along the way too.

A special mention has to go to 18-month-old Allie for being the only person in three months to get my name right. My Farmers Weekly chums will attest to how much I love being mistakenly called Carolyn…

I’ve also made a few four-legged friends on my travels too.

The Nuffield Pets
The offer still stands to give Chelsea a home – I reckon she’d love Vauxhall. I could probably find a home for Sam too – my freezer’s pretty empty right now…

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