Chewy and viscous

I promise to blog about the Soil Association conference properly at some point (I’ll be putting my ranting hat on – be warned), but in the meantime I thought I’d share this with you.

One of the rather nice perks of going to the SA conference is the conference goodie bag. As the event is sponsored by chocolate company Green and Blacks, the freebies usually consist of something cocoa-related.

While I was slightly disappointed the big box in the bag was actually a lump of tofu and not a giant block of choccy, I was pretty pleased that there was a rather smashing Green and Blacks recipe book in there.

I spent a good few hours over the weekend drooling over what my housemate Alex has now termed ‘The Chocolate Porn Book’ before plumping on making some ginger and chocolate cupcakes.

Sound nice, eh? I donned my apron, got out my Le Creuset bake-ware (I’m really a middle-class, middle-aged house wife trapped in a twenty-something’s body) and got cracking.


And very pretty the cakes turned out too.

Pleased with the results, I proudly took my organic, chocolately delicacies to FW Towers today so my FW chums could share in my Soil Association conference spoils.

The response?

“Chewy,” said Mr Poultry. “And viscous.”

That’s the last time I’m taking my baking to work.

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2 Responses to “Chewy and viscous”

  1. Simon

    Ha! I made a banana cake that still wasn’t cooked through after 2.5 hrs, so I share your baking blues…I will leave it to the pros in future. Nice to see the montages back, your photo skills make up for the lack of Nigellarity.

  2. Tesla

    Mmmmm. Middle-aged housewives.