The funny side of farming

I managed to hold it together until the stereo started blaring out “Where’s your sausage gone?” to the tune of ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’.

It was at that point – stood outside Downing Street in front of a 16ft, shiny, hovering sausage – that I collapsed onto the floor in hysterical laughter.


You have to hand it to the pig industry – they certainly have a sense of humour.

At a time when producers are leaving the industry in droves thanks to spiralling input costs and appalling returns from retailers and processors, they went for comedy to make a very serious point.

At least, I hope they were trying to be funny.

Anyway, it certainly succeeded in being one of my more surreal days as a journalist. When I was at university learning the finer points of media law so I’d be able to bring down governments without getting done for libel, I thought I could only dream of being shouted at by Christine Hamilton for not wearing any gloves on a freezing day in March. Or asking the chief executive of the British Pig Executive in all seriousness how big his sausage was.

Much like the country’s pig producers, if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry…

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2 Responses to “The funny side of farming”

  1. Adam West

    This is likely to be a highly emotive and perhaps controversial question, but I’d like to ask:

    Is it more positive for the pig industry to go to the government cap in hand when it’s in turmoil rather than forming a progressive collaboration with the wider industry to stablise pig feed prices for the longer term?

    Given the governments dodgy reputation for “supporting” British farming during my lifetime, I can’t see Cazza coming up trumps on this occasion I’m afraid. I imagine she’s likely to pat Stewart Houston on the back and say “You’re the Rider of the Storm” in the same patronising manner that she responded to young farmers at the Oxford Conference in January.
    I really hope Stewart manages to come away from this protest with a positive outcome and will watch with interest.

  2. Stonehead

    My choice of pork anthem?

    I’m sometimes tempted to sync a video of my pigs to the music. :D