I’m Caroline Stocks


I grew up here

Nottingham Market Square

Where I developed a penchant for



cake and tea

In 2005 I moved here

London skyline

To write for

Farmers Weekly front cover

And now I’m getting ready to pack my bags to travel the world as a Nuffield Scholar to learn more about new media, communication and the awesomeness of farmers.

As I can’t fit you in my suitcase because I’ll be taking too many


and because my bursary won’t spread far enough to take you with me, hopefully this blog will be the next best thing.

There will probably also be music, football and other escapades along the way – you have been warned.

*The science part: All views are my own, and while they’re always right, Farmers Weekly doesn’t necessarily share them. Unless indicated, all photos are mine too. If you feel the urge to pinch them, that’s okay – but in the spirit of sharing I’d appreciate a credit and a link back to my site. Merci.