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I am not a robot

You’ve had four hours sleep, a considerable amount of champagne has been drunk to see in the New Year and it’s over 30 degrees.

So what’s the best way to spend the first day of 2011?

That’s right – dancing in a field with about ten thousand excessively tattooed teenagers, your face squished up against your drunken neighbour’s revoltingly sweaty back.

After nearly three months of trying, I finally got to see some live music on foreign soils at Sydney’s Field Day festival.

And a pretty good festival it was too.

Marina and the Diamonds

Last time I saw Marina and the Diamonds was in a farmer’s field in Somerset in front of about 5000 people – about 4700 more than this time around.

And the last time I attempted to go and see Mystery Jets I inadvertently managed to buy tickets for We Are Scientists (don’t ask how, it was like the 18s-only gig ticket debacle all over again…).

Most memorable moment of the day has to go to the Klaxons though – I’ve never watched a band beneath a bat-filled sky before.

Field Day festival

For those of you who are narked this post has had nothing whatsoever to do with agriculture, can I direct you to Princess’ blog? She’s talking about soil and stuff over here in Australia, so you should be able to get your Antipodean farming fix that way.

Normal service will resume here shortly. In the meantime, rock on:


The best farm diversification ever

Before you ask, yes – I meant to be this sun burnt, ok? And I’m definitely supposed to have these unusual suntan lines across my back and shoulders. And the panda eyes from wearing my sunglasses.

I thought Glastonbury was all about storms and tidal waves of mud, not blistering sunshine. It seems our crappy English summer’s finally came good and I had a need for the factor 50 suncream my mum bought me last year.

It’s just a shame I left it on my bedside table and took the factor 25 instead.

Skin-searing aside, I’ve had a brilliant few days. If you have no interest in music I suggest you toddle off elsewhere for this next bit – Gob of the Wash has been having a whinge about flowers and having to do some work, maybe that will appeal instead.

Highlights of the weekend were Foals (cos everyone loves being jumped on by a front-man), Mumford and Sons (who knew folky music could be so much fun) and the XX (even though they seemed to attract a crowd of chain-smoking, chattering, 18-year-old posh kids).

I also enjoyed Ellie Goulding, Delphic, Bombay Bicycle Club and, surprisingly, Muse (though that’s probably because Th’Edge came onstage during the encore). And Julian Casablancas was good too. Oh, and who could forget Australia’s favourite son, Rolf Harris…

Anyway, I’m pretty exhausted now, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some sleep before Thursday when I head off to Chicago on the next leg of my Nuffield adventure. I can’t wait to get back to travelling, even more so now I know it’s nice and sunny in Illinois so I should be able to even out the wonky tan-lines….


A few of my favourite things

My tent’s up (hurrah for the pop-up variety), the sun’s out, I’m on a farm and I have three days of music ahead of me. What could be better…


Hoping for a rapid rate of recovery

Stocks Towers feels strangely quiet tonight. For the first time in a fortnight I’m free of visitors and Antipodeans.

I’ve had a brill couple of weeks but I’m utterly cream-crackered now – my ability to cope with late nights has apparently evaporated since Thursday when I became another year older.

I need to recover in time for heading off to Glastonbury on Thursday, so I’m having a quiet night on the sofa in my pinny and gloves, drinking tea from my aspirational mug, syncing my iPhone and watching the decent yellow-shirted football team. And there isn’t a neon pig in sight.

Claire's visit

Big kisses to both of my guests for a fab time, you’re welcome here whenever you like. Cheers x


Being Wurzelised

I have to admit, I was a little sad this week when U2 had to pull out of Glastonbury cos Bono’s back’s giving him gyp. Like Jet, Bono, Th’Edge and the gang are a guilty musical pleasure of mine, and I was disappointed I wouldn’t get to see them again.

After today though, I’ve discovered a way to completely fill that gaping hole in the festival line-up left by Ireland’s second-favourite sons (Westlife being first, obviously). Just look who I’ve spent the day with:


That’s right, only the bloomin’ Wurzels. I’m a fully-fledged groupie now – I figure now I’ve seen Tommy Banner in a vest and been invited to go backstage at their Glasto show I can call myself that, anyway.

I won’t spoil what they said because the full interview’s going in Farmers Weekly in a few weeks – there’s a cracking video of them for the website too – but they were such nice chaps (I’m assuming the moment where Pete seemed to compare me to a bovine was an accidental blip…).

They’ve got another album of covers coming out next month to tie in with their festival appearance – my head DJ hasn’t stopped playing their version of Kaiser Chief’s ‘Ruby’ out of my head since I heard it.

I think it’s only right that I take Mr Business, Mr Arable and Miss Machinery to their festival set so they can get it stuck in their heads too. I’m kind like that.


Musical interlude

Thought I’d have an election break just to mention a fairly profitable farm diversification.

The full Glastonbury line-up was announced yesterday, so Mr Business, Mr Arable and Miss Machinery and I have been discussing our plans for our Farmers Weekly festival trip in June.

Despite clocking up a few good years at FW between us, this will be the first time we’ve ever been to Michael Eavis’ dairy farm – the site of the festival – so we’re very excited. Of course, we’ve obviously bought tickets to we can look at grassland management and succesful farm diversification, but it’d be rude not to check out the music, wouldn’t it?

I think my weekend will be spent mostly admiring the grazing potential around the John Peel stage, where coincidentally Mumford and Sons, Delphic, Foals, Ash and Ellie Goulding (my latest favourite album – dunno what’s going on with my music tastes at the moment) will be playing.

I might be tempted away from there to catch the XX, Laura Marling and Empire of the Sun too. And sadly I can never pass up the chance to see Bono either.

I can’t believe I’ve just admitted U2 love in public. These last few posts have really revealed how uncool I am, haven’t they…

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