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How to lose friends back home

Apparently it’s 11 degrees in London today and cloudy with rain later.

Nottingham’s got it a balmy 10 degrees, but with full winter sunshine.

It’s a hard life, innit?

Mission Beach


Cocks on sticks

*Ding* (that one’s for you, Rach and Scase)

Cocks on sticks

A few of my other Nuffield chums have experienced the joys of foods on sticks at agricultural shows in the US, but I doubt any of them would have come across this (in)famous Nottingham delicacy.

These tasty little fellas are made by Ray Whitehead (who hails from my delightful hometown of Arnold), and he and his family have been making them for more than a century. They were initially designed as geese to represent Nottingham’s Goose Fair, but were renamed by the classy ladies of the Shire over the years.

Goose Fair, for those who haven’t heard of it, is supposedly the largest fair in Europe. It started in the 13th Century as a trade fair and was named after the thousands of geese that were driven from neighbouring Lincolnshire to be sold there.

The fair’s just a load of rides now and the nearest you get to animals are the aforementioned cocks and flocks of ducks on the hook-a-duck stands.

Goose Fair

Sorry, I’m in Nottingham at the moment. I mean ‘ook an ‘ey up me duck, of course.

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