Are you the same Caroline Stocks who is deputy news editor of Farmers Weekly/I went to Sheffield Uni with/wears ridiculously-coloured shoes/got attacked by those chimps at Twycross Zoo in 1986?

Yep, yep, yep and, sadly, yep.

What’s with the blog’s name?

I thought it was a terribly clever pun on the name of theĀ  Nuffield Scholarship I’ve been awarded. By the time I’d decided it was a bit naff, I’d already signed myself up to the domain name for two years.

So what’s a Nuffield Scholarship then?

Every year a few lucky people from within agriculture are given a grant to study something related to farming, land management, horticulture or the food chain. Using the money, we get to whizz around the world, meeting farmers, people from businesses and projects we admire and generally just learning about things. Hopefully we can bring back the stuff we find out and use it to benefit the farming community.

Sounds ace. What’s your study about?

I want to take a look at the ways the media and organisations communicate with farmers, to find out if there are different things I could be doing as a journalist to help farmers get the information they need to do their jobs better.

I also want to look at different kinds of ‘new media’ to see if they could be made applicable to farmers, as well as investigating what communication technologies farmers are making use of around the world. Basically, I want to learn how I (and the rest of the farming press) can be more helpful to farmers.

Why did you get a scholarship – you’re not a farmer are you?

I’m definitely not a farmer – I grew up in a town called Arnold in Nottingham (not at all rural or idyllic) and I studied journalism and politics at the University of Sheffield. But, after working as the deputy news editor of Farmers Weekly for a few years now, I’d like to think I know my stuff about the industry and I really care about agriculture and the people I write for.

Plus I own some very fetching Hunter wellies, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m qualified.

Your wafflings on this blog aren’t enough for me. Do you write anywhere else?

Why yes. You can follow me on Twitter, you can read my articles every week in Farmers Weekly, or you can read my finely-crafted words on the FW website, www.fwi.co.uk.