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Watery extremes

Having heard about nothing but rain for the last two-and-a-bit months, today I finally got a taste of what things are like on the other side of Australia. Flood waters are expected to peak today in Rockhampton and Bundaberg – two of the towns I’ve visited on my way the east coast. It’s been really […]


Turtley awesome

I’m not sure I’d want quite so many people gawping at my rear-end while I did this, but tonight I joined about 100 other people to watch a turtle lay her eggs. Happily Mrs Turtle didn’t seem to concerned about having a crowd oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over her backside, and got on with popping out […]


Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

It must’ve been my time skipperin’ the good ship Pacific Sunrise that did it, but I’ve developed a bit of a pirate-esque penchant for rum, so I ‘ave. Actually, wind that back a bit. Normal rum still tastes revolting. My newly-acquired love is for Bundaberg, or Bundy, if your an Aussie. Bundy is made in […]

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