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The language of the CAP

I can’t remember any German when I need it, but every time I come to French-speaking  Brussels it seems to be the only language that leaves my mouth. Having got off the Eurostar I couldn’t even seem to remember how to ask where the taxi rank was in English. Instead I frightened a poor, unsuspecting […]


Settling back in

I’ve avoided blogging for a week or so, partly to give you a rest and partly because I didn’t trust myself not to just whinge about the fact that England is BLOODY FREEZING. In just 24 hours on a plane I lost 35 degrees. Seriously, I don’t remember it being this cold before. And what’s […]


Dunno know why, but let’s chuck some more money at it…

According to a survey by the European Commission published last week, about 70% of Brits want farmers to get more subsidies over the next decade. It’s a figure that’ll make lots of farmers in the UK feel pretty cheery. After all, that obviously means the public recognises the help the Common Agricultural Policy and subsidies […]

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