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Itching to buy something

Why do itches always materialise at the most inopportune moments? Say, for example, you’re at the annual Black Friday Aberdeen Angus sale. All around you are stetson-wearing farmers tugging at their ears or tapping their noses as a sign that they want to buy the 30 steers in the pen in front of you. Suddenly […]


Slow mooving traffic

I’ve mentioned earlier how crazy the traffic is in India. Aside from the bonkers car and rickshaw drivers, the roads have to contend with beggars, street hawkers, families piled onto motorbikes and, most randomly, cattle. Cows are bloomin’ everywhere. They’re grazing on the motorway verges, they’re having baths in the canals where people are doing […]


Chasing developments in animal genetics

Apologies for ruining Mr Geography’s pen pal dreams, but I didn’t come back from the sticks married to an emu farmer. I did, however, learn some interesting facts about Rod Hull’s special friends: 1. They are growing in popularity in this region of India because they are incredibly efficient animals. More than 90% of every […]


Lifting the lid on flipping great beef

So it turns out that if this journalism malarkey all goes wrong, I can’t make good on my claim that I’d go and work in McDonald’s. I visited the Weymouth branch of the fast-food chain today as part of a trip organised by McDonald’s to showcase its British food credentials and its links with the […]


Sparkling stories

Whenever we’re sent an abysmally-written story or press release at FW Towers, Mr News Editor and I jokingly say we’re going to bin it because there’s “no way you can glitter a pile of manure”. Apparently we’re wrong though, as a visit to the Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain yesterday proved: Chris uses elephant […]

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