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How do badgers fair in a coalition?

Who’da thunk we’d manage to drag the election out this long, eh? Even as someone who loves politics, I’m starting to feel a bit fatigued by the uncertainty of it all. Other political nuts are obviously getting over-tired and grizzly about the whole thing too – that’s the only excuse I can think of for […]


Never steal a journalist’s sarnie…

There are times when the person you’re interviewing frustrates you so much you find yourself giving them a death-stare in the hope that it’ll scare them into answering your questions. There are times when you put the phone down and use a few choice words to describe the person on the other end. But I’ve […]


Tired grump

Usually when I come into the office having had three hours sleep and feeling like I’ve been thwacked around the head with a sledgehammer, there’s been beer and loud music involved the night before. Having looked forward to the election for weeks, it was kinda disappointing that the biggest excitement of staying up til 4am […]


Just call me Miss Eccentricity

So Gordon Brown’s the ‘worst Prime Minister ever’, according to Manish Sood, a prospective Labour MP from Norwich. If Mr Sood hadn’t realised before, he’s now learning that slating your prospective boss like that isn’t the way to make friends and get ahead. Yes, he might have endeared himself to a few voters in his […]


Fairly liberal

For those of you waiting with baited breath for the Lib Dem green manifesto word cloud (sorry Rob, you have my permission to have a nap rather than read this), here it is: Bit different to the others, innit? Agriculture-friendly words ‘fair’, ‘support’, ‘help’ and ‘future’ all dominate, while ‘farmers’ is the second most-featured word. […]


Bursting with excitement

Oooh the drama – it was just like something from the West Wing. We followed the ballot boxes to the council room. We stood outside the meeting room’s door to see if we could hear any of the goings on inside. We paced the corridors eagerly waiting for the NFU council member to emerge with […]

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