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A natural fisherwoman pt2

I still look uncomfortable, but I’m definitely getting better: I had no idea what I was doing, but it seems I’m pretty good at sea fishing. You should see the bruises I have on my leg from yanking it out of the sea though. My arms are still wobbling from the fear I’d accidentally captured […]


Farewell to the tropics

After a fantastic week in Innisfail I’ve said goodbye to Marty and my adopted family, Linda, Harvey and Emma. They’ve been fantastic hosts and I’m going to miss them all very much. I hope they’ll consider taking-on the ice and freezing temperatures of the UK one day so I can repay their hospitality. I’ve learnt […]


A natural fisherwoman…

…or not. Look how comfortable I look at having my fingers lodged in a barramundi’s gills: I’m just glad there was no one around to film the next scene when I dropped the fish on the floor. Something tells me Marty doesn’t have a protege in me… Share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend […]


Farm pests, Aussie style.

Think you’ve got it tough with badgers, pigeons and rabbits on your farm? Well spare a thought for my baramundi-farming friend Marty, who has to contend with these: This ‘little’ fella is a couple of metres long, and was just chillin’ by one of the ponds, sunning itself, when we drove past today. We managed […]


Fish with legs

Look, look – legs! After two weeks of having to cover them up and being ferried around all the time by drivers, I’d almost forgotten I had a pair of these. Not that I’m one for flashing flesh, but it was so nice to get to Singapore this morning and dress a bit more comfortably […]


It’th all in a name

When I was very titchy, I used to have a lisp. With a surname like Stocks, my parents rightly recognised such a speech impediment would result in much teasing at school and eventually put me off ever speaking aloud. To encourage/bribe me to keep my tongue from flapping out of my mouth whenever I said […]

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