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The end is nigh

So this is it. After three countries, 101 days, 41 different towns and cities, seven changes in time zone and more than 100 blog posts, I’m on my way home. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, visited incredible farms and businesses, and seen some amazing scenery. I’ve nearly been kidnapped, driven around a […]


A natural fisherwoman pt2

I still look uncomfortable, but I’m definitely getting better: I had no idea what I was doing, but it seems I’m pretty good at sea fishing. You should see the bruises I have on my leg from yanking it out of the sea though. My arms are still wobbling from the fear I’d accidentally captured […]


Blending in with the greenery on Kangaroo Island

I’ve been experimenting with a new look today. Nice, eh? Obviously, this is Grotbags and not me. As if I’d wear a hat like that. I’m referring more to the green skin. It’s a good look, and one I managed to achieve pretty well thanks to an hour-long crossing from Adelaide on the Kangaroo Island […]


Farm pests, Aussie style.

Think you’ve got it tough with badgers, pigeons and rabbits on your farm? Well spare a thought for my baramundi-farming friend Marty, who has to contend with these: This ‘little’ fella is a couple of metres long, and was just chillin’ by one of the ponds, sunning itself, when we drove past today. We managed […]


Fisherman’s friend

I’ve driven my first-ever tractor today, and I didn’t crash it. Just lost another bet by any chance, Rob? I’m back on my farming travels having flown just over two hours from Darwin and moved half an hour in time zones to Cairns in Queensland. Cairns started off as a gold-mining town but it’s now […]

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