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Slow mooving traffic

I’ve mentioned earlier how crazy the traffic is in India. Aside from the bonkers car and rickshaw drivers, the roads have to contend with beggars, street hawkers, families piled onto motorbikes and, most randomly, cattle. Cows are bloomin’ everywhere. They’re grazing on the motorway verges, they’re having baths in the canals where people are doing […]


Chasing developments in animal genetics

Apologies for ruining Mr Geography’s pen pal dreams, but I didn’t come back from the sticks married to an emu farmer. I did, however, learn some interesting facts about Rod Hull’s special friends: 1. They are growing in popularity in this region of India because they are incredibly efficient animals. More than 90% of every […]


Using larvae to help India’s farmers

Have you missed me? I’ve been out at the sticks checking out farms and they don’t tend to have much tinterweb access there. Or electricity, for that matter… I know I’m pretty lucky to be seeing parts of India that your general tourist wouldn’t have a chance to see, but I wish visiting these places […]


Farming science, a flight and a freak-out

So had I a bit of a wobble yesterday. The stress of nearly being kidnapped, coupled with a hair-raising five-hour drive from Hisar back to Delhi so I could catch a flight to Mumbai (or Bombay, if you insist on being colonial) got to me. It’s a tad exhausting being on edge for hour after […]


So who’d pay the ransom?

There were a good few minutes yesterday afternoon when I genuinely thought I was being kidnapped. It says a lot about me that during that time I a) updated my Facebook status with words to that effect and b) started thinking about whether I could surreptitiously hide my iPhone in my shoe without it being […]

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