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Fishy way for the media to make dosh

Gob of the Wash is in London at the moment for the Chelsea Flower Show, so we’ve been going out to play in the evenings to take advantage of his escape from Lincolnshire. We both have a fairly silly sense of humour, so last night we went to Leicester Square to watch Richard Herring record […]


Is this going in the magazine?

Without exception, conversations with young farmers at this weekend’s AGM in Torquay ran like this: Tipsy young farmer: Are you that woman from Farmers Weekly? Caroline: Yes. TYF: Can I have your Farmers Weekly t-shirt? C: No. TYF: Will you take my photo then? C: Yes. TYF: Will it go in the magazine? C: It’ll […]


Cut off

For the past few weeks Chez Stocks has been internet-free thanks to British Telecom taking eons to change over the broadband account after my housemate (the one responsible for Lentil Gate, for those who followed on Twitter) moved out. I like to think of myself as the kind of gal who isn’t materialistic and could […]



I’ve spent the last few days emailing what feels like every agricultural organisation in India in a bid to sort out the next stage of my Nuffield scholarship. I want to go to India to learn about some projects out there that are encouraging farmers to use mobile technology to share information and trade. It’s […]


Changing Times

So Rupert Murdoch has finally decided to make good his threat of charging to read his Times and Sunday Times websites. From June people will be have to pay £1 a day or £2 a week to access news across the sites, which currently attract about 20m readers. The debate about paywalls has been going […]


Too much information

Far too many people have shared their toilet habits with me today. I’ve been having a chat with some of the scholars about the farming newspapers they read back home – I’ve brought a couple of issues of FW with me so we’ve been trading agricultural publications on the bus journeys. Having a flick through, […]

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