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The day I met a proper journalist

Had I not chosen a career path which had taken me down a bizarre route into a niche avenue of journalism, I would have like to have become a proper writer on a national newspaper. Like John Pilger, perhaps. Or Jay Rayner. Y’know, Jay Rayner. The one who’s the stunt double for Marco Pierre White […]


Chewy and viscous

I promise to blog about the Soil Association conference properly at some point (I’ll be putting my ranting hat on – be warned), but in the meantime I thought I’d share this with you. One of the rather nice perks of going to the SA conference is the conference goodie bag. As the event is […]


Fighting fire with fire – how farming won’t win friends

I had several failed attempts at starting a blog before I really got my teeth into writing this one (and I probably only stuck with this because I paid for the domain name and, being northern, I hate seeing money go to waste). It’s not that I lost perseverance in writing posts, it’s because I […]


Liar, liar, non-organic pants on fire

Since I started working in agricultural media, I’ve never been particularly impressed with the Soil Association’s often simplistic arguments that organic farming is superior to conventional food production. I had wondered whether the organisation had grown up a bit when, at its annual conference in February, policy director Peter Melchett finally admitted that both systems […]


Throwing insults to spread the message

I was in Birmingham today,  the (current) home of Cadbury’s chocolate, one of my favourite modern buildings in the country: and the location of this year’s Soil Association conference. There’s been a few articles in the press over the past few days accusing the organic lobby of being elitist and expensive, so to counter the […]

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