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Long-distance Clara, eat your heart out

I can’t tell if I’m meant to be John Candy or Steve Martin, but I’ve had a bit of a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-esque escapade all in the name of coming to visit the farm of my Aussie bestest, Rob. Rob is a fellow Nuffielder who farms a few sheep and grows a bit of […]


Getting wrecked in Fremantle

I’ve come to the conclusion my Western Australia travel guide should stick to his day job. I hopped on a bus today and headed to the coastal town of Fremantle, which is just outside Perth. Despite being “just a harbour” (R.E-W, 2011), I managed to spend a nice Bank Holiday Monday in the town, enjoying […]


Watery extremes

Having heard about nothing but rain for the last two-and-a-bit months, today I finally got a taste of what things are like on the other side of Australia. Flood waters are expected to peak today in Rockhampton and Bundaberg – two of the towns I’ve visited on my way the east coast. It’s been really […]


Did you know sharks have opposable thumbs?

Me either. But it turns out they do. And they can write. And pop letters in the post all the way from Australia. Don’t believe me? Well look what turned up at Stocks Towers today: Of course, I could be wrong and it could just be that someone thinks it’s terribly amoosing to take advantage […]

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