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Floody hell

I’ve mentioned the rain and floods several times over the past few weeks and months, but things have started to get scary over here in Australia. This is Toowoomba, where I drove through in December: Over the past couple of days, Toowoomba has received as much rainfall in an hour as many states get in […]


Watery extremes

Having heard about nothing but rain for the last two-and-a-bit months, today I finally got a taste of what things are like on the other side of Australia. Flood waters are expected to peak today in Rockhampton and Bundaberg – two of the towns I’ve visited on my way the east coast. It’s been really […]


Wet harvest woes continue

Once again I haven’t had internet connection for several days, so it hasn’t been until today that I’ve managed to catch up on emails and what’s been happening with my Nuffield chums who’ve been having the harvest from hell thanks to the rain. While things have got steadily drier for me as I’ve headed west […]


Mad dogs and Englishmen…

…climb Mount Oberon in the midday sun. And then hang about at the top of it until it chucks it down with rain and they have to sprint 3.5km back to their car. I left Graeme and Gill’s this morning with the intention of stopping off at nearby Wilsons Promontory National Park to take some […]


Bank Holiday comes six times a year…

…Days of enjoyment to which everyone cheers. Really? Obviously Damon Albarn hadn’t been to where I visited today when he wrote that song. The sun was actually out for the first time in ages this morning, so we headed to the east coast to make the most of it. Sensing we’d have to move quickly […]


Toronto, eh?

The good thing about London, is that the weather’s always so dodgy that most touristy stuff is designed so you go indoors to allow you to shelter from the rain/sleet/snow. Not so in Toronto. Obviously they’re so used to nice weather that they don’t even have any areas to shelter when apocolyptic thunder storms get […]

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