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Aussie Tweet-up

Guess who I bumped into today? That’s right, only Big Norm ‘off of’ Twitter. I’ve headed about an hour out of Sydney to Richmond to say hello to Norm and his goats. While he may type that way, Norm doesn’t speak in 140 characters or less, so we had an interesting evening putting the world […]


Green with Outback envy

Today I experienced a new emotion: magazine envy. It wasn’t a pretty sight either. Goodness only knows what Mark, the editor of Outback, thought  as I sat stupidly gaping as he brought out issue after issue of one of the nicest-looking publications I’ve ever seen. (I realise I’ve broken a load of copyright/reproduction laws here, […]


Why udder cream didn’t work

For those of you who have suffered my tales of back woe on Twitter (and for my mum, who can somehow find her way onto my blog but not to an email inbox) I thought you might be mildly interested to see these pictures. I’ve seen several doctors and physios over the past couple of […]


Just call me Miss Eccentricity

So Gordon Brown’s the ‘worst Prime Minister ever’, according to Manish Sood, a prospective Labour MP from Norwich. If Mr Sood hadn’t realised before, he’s now learning that slating your prospective boss like that isn’t the way to make friends and get ahead. Yes, he might have endeared himself to a few voters in his […]


Bursting with excitement

Oooh the drama – it was just like something from the West Wing. We followed the ballot boxes to the council room. We stood outside the meeting room’s door to see if we could hear any of the goings on inside. We paced the corridors eagerly waiting for the NFU council member to emerge with […]


Health tips from cows

So, did you spend your Friday afternoon being massaged with horse cream by a man with a tiny beard and an American accent as good as Matthew Naylor’s? You did? Why what a coincidence – me too. It may not have been the most conventional of physio sessions, but it turns out that the same […]


A tonne of farming tweeters

I’ve spent most of the day spread-eagle on my living room floor after a visit to a rather enthusiastic masseuse on Thursday aggravated my dodgy should/neck/back.

As I think it’s important to set the scene in these posts, here’s a picture of the view I’ve been enjoying:


I discovered ceiling-gazing can send you a bit bonkers after 20 minutes or so, which probably explains why – when I discovered I could lift my arm up far enough to be able to use my iPhone – the afternoon I spent on Twitter seemed more exciting than the Super Bowl.


Throwing insults to spread the message

I was in Birmingham today,  the (current) home of Cadbury’s chocolate, one of my favourite modern buildings in the country: and the location of this year’s Soil Association conference. There’s been a few articles in the press over the past few days accusing the organic lobby of being elitist and expensive, so to counter the […]


Making the Hairwaves

When I was younger, my birthday wish was to either have a card read out on CBBC, or to have a birthday shout-out on Radio Nottingham. I remember sitting by the cassette player with my sister, waiting to press the ‘record’ and ‘play’ buttons to tape the moment Dennis McCarthy said my name. Sadly, waiting […]

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